Insights for You and Your Business


Lenza’s social media suite provides insights for you and your company to improve social media presence and credibility. By focusing on eliminating the threat of fake accounts and fake news, you can be assured your companies integrity is safe.



Monitor and Eliminate Fake Users


Lenza’s fake user technology analyzes historical online data and user behavior to identify the telltale signs of social bots and fake accounts. By separating the fake from the real, we can help you…

  • Avoid current and future threats from online criminals
  • Stop overpaying for social media marketing that is based on inflated outreach totals
  • Generate valuable consumer leads that connect only to real people
  • Protect company reputation from the unsavory comments and cruel behavior of fake social media users



Track Fake News


An end-to-end framework, Lenza’s fake news technology protects individuals and organizations from the deceptive and potentially harmful effects of fake news by…

  • Collecting reliable news data from reputable organizations such as PolitiFact
  • Measuring this data against a massive collection of online news stories and social engagements
  • Employing a deep learning model to detect fake news
  • Identifying fake news and using effective visualization to alert users



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