Social Integrity Matters

Eliminate fake accounts and fake news to optimize social
media outreach and increase credibility


The Threat of the Fake Social Media Epidemic

total Twitter users
Social media impacts company credibility on a large scale, due to the number of social media users and the level of communication between customer and companies on the various platforms.
of all Twitter accounts are bots
From bots to users with ill intentions, social media is swarming with users who are emulating awareness and reach that isn't actually real.
fake accounts created each week
Fake accounts decrease the credibility of a business’ social media presence and interfere with its analytics by increasing unproductive ad spend.
of people are concerned about fake news on social media sites
Although accusations of "fake news" are rampant today and 77% of people believe that even major news outlets are guilty of spreading misinformation, the problem is particularly bad on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

Social Media Isn't Going Anywhere


In light of the sheer number of people who currently use social media, companies would have to waste countless hours of manpower in order to manually sort the real accounts from the fake. Thankfully, there’s a much smarter way to combat the army of bots and fake accounts that threaten to undermine consumer welfare and business outreach on social media.



State-of-the-Art Product Suite


The secret rests in a crucial shift of overall focus. Rather than targeting each fake account individually, Lenza gives its clients a tremendous competitive advantage by going after the source of these fake accounts. While blocking or eliminating individual fake accounts can be helpful, it is just too easy for dishonorable people and organizations to replace these fake accounts with more…and more and more!

By attacking the problem at its source, Lenza can not only expose and neutralize existing fake accounts but also stop new ones before they start.


Social Integrity for Big and Small
For Consumers
In addition to rampantly spreading misinformation, a fake social media account is a great way to lure unsuspecting consumers and steal their private information. With Lenza's fake user technology, individual social media users get 24/7 protection from fake accounts thanks to automatic browser pop-up notifications and danger alerts. Lenza's fake news technology provides similar protection against the ravages of fake news.
For Businesses

When you adjust your final tabulations to eliminate all fake accounts, how many social media followers does your company actually have? Lenza can answer this question for you and put a definitive end to the artificially-inflated social media outreach figures that lead to wasted marketing efforts and increased ad spend. In short, Lenza will set your mind at ease with the knowledge that all company social media contacts are real, living human beings with the potential to become real, living customers. It can also protect the credibility of your business from bots that might otherwise link your official social media pages to problematic comments and malicious propaganda.

Protect yourself and minimize the spread of harmful information.

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